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May 1st

5 Ways to Achieve Clearer Skin

Written by Katrina Legaspi

With more than 85% of women experiencing adult Acne, the quest for clear skin is high on the agenda for many beyond their teens. If breakouts and skin sensitivity has followed you into your 20s, 30s or 40s, these tips will help you achieve clearer skin, quickly.

Cleanse Twice Daily

Using a gentle cleanser to avoid reactivity, cleansing the skin twice per day is essential for establishing a healthy skin care regime. To ensure the balance of the skin is maintained, pH balanced cleansers are ideal. This will support the skin without disrupting the acid mantle or creating skin tightness post-cleanse.

Tip: Clear pores will not only appear smaller, they will also function better – effectively regulating the release of natural oils out and onto the surface of the skin for natural moisturisation.

Tackle Spots

A cleanser that relieves congestion and provides the skin with natural antibacterial support is essential for reducing breakouts. Whether your breakouts are caused by congestion or bacteria from touching your face, a dual action cleanser which alleviates pore congestion and bacteria is a must.

Tip: To address redness and swelling, colloidal oatmeal is a natural skin cleanser with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which relieve skin discomfort caused by Acne and contact irritation.


Dead skin cells build on the skin naturally. For make-up wearers especially, dry patches of dead cell matter may appear where the redundant skin cells have failed to detach from the surface of the skin. To ensure the skin can function optimally, and that make-up appears smooth and flawless, removing dead skin cells is essential. Removing dead skin cells can be achieved with exfoliating scrubs, professional treatments as well as retinol based creams.

Tip: Exfoliating products and treatments not only relieve congestion, they encourage cell turnover for dewy, younger looking skin.

Brighten Scarring

Dark circles and areas of pigmentation can appear for a number of reasons including hormonal changes, UV damage, as well as Acne scarring. Natural skin brighteners such as Vitamin C can work to break down pigmentation and relieve the skin from darkened areas.

Tip: In addition to brightening the skin, Vitamin C has shown to be a powerful skin healer, encouraging healthy clearer skin for those with active breakouts.

Prevent Further Pigmentation

UV exposure is responsible for skin darkening, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and the darkening of scars caused by Acne. When it comes to pigmentation, prevention is much more effective than any cure. It pays to be sun smart!

Tip: A daily sunscreen cream which contains biological, chemical and physical filters (such as Sunstop Sunscreen Cream) will provide the skin with the highest protection against symptoms caused by cellular damage. 

For a dual action Acne cleanser, Dermavive Acne & Sensitive Skin Cleansing Bar is a gentle, pH balanced, cleansing bar designed to reduce bacteria and soothe inflammation with the gentle effects of colloidal oatmeal.

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