About the Company

The Skin - Our Strength and Our Passion

Since our establishment in 2000, UAS has strived to make products that make the skin happy because we believe a healthy skin is a happy skin and that makes skin beautiful.

Focus on the Patient and Dermatologist

The products are made with purpose in mind, solving real needs for both patient and dermatologist. For the patients, the products are easy to use and are gentle to the skin but effective on the problem. For the dermatologist, the products have non-toxic ingredients and are safe formulations that will cause no side effects, making it easier for the dermatologist to treat the patient. Our products solve real needs for both patient and dermatologist which leads to high patient satisfaction.

Focus on Service & Results

Understanding the needs and wants of our customers is an ongoing and ever changing process, our reliable and dedicated field force are the key in this area. To ensure we cater for their needs and requirements, to ensure we are in regular touch with the medical fraternity, we have established regional offices in Asia and the Middle East.

As an Australian made brand, being marketed around the world, our mission is to develop quality products that provide real, effective and safe results for the users of our products which will lead to improvement in their quality of life.

  • Australia
  • Libya
  • Malaysia
  • Bangladesh
  • Singapore
  • Cambodia
  • Oman
  • Canada
  • Qatar
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Iran
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Iraq
  • UAE
  • Jordan
  • USA
  • Kuwait
  • Vietnam
  • Nepal
  • Morocco
  • South Korea


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At UAS Pharmaceuticals you will be given the opportunity to achieve your career goals, deepen your expertise and broaden your experience.

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Australian Made Campaign Member

The Australian Made Campaign Logo is the official product symbol of Australia. It is an Australian government initiative and established by the Australian Camber of Commerce and Industry as well as the local state and territory chambers in Australia. The Australian Made Logo has been used for more than two decades as the national symbol for Australian products internationally.

UAS Pharmaceuticals is a proud member of the Australian Made Campaign and has been a campaign member since 2005. All UAS Pharmaceuticals products are Australian Made.

NSW Business Chamber Member

The New South Wales Business Chamber is a not-for-profit member organisation committed to helping businesses of all sizes manage their people and growth more efficiently. NSW Business Chamber is a member of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and the Australian Chamber Alliance, which represent the interests of over 1.5 million businesses nationally.

UAS Pharmaceuticals is a proud member of the NSW Business Chamber and has been a member since 2000.