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March 1st

Habits that Can Ruin your Skin

Written by Courtney Grant

Are you guilty of some potentially detrimental skin habits?

If you’re ticking off one of these skin care sins you’re not alone – approximately 46% of people surveyed are guilty of number 4! Can you relate?1. Going to bed with your make-up on

We all have those nights where we drift off in front of the TV, but this one is an easily avoidable no-no. Make-up tends to coat the skin, with mineral make-up (especially) sitting within the pores and creating a gateway to congestion. If you suffer from oily skin, removing your make-up can reduce breakouts, skin dullness and unnecessary dead skin cell build-up.

Furthermore, Dermatologist, Dr Bhanusali, says that the since the skin naturally exfoliates itself as we rest, “makeup can disrupt the process, leading to pollutants being trapped in the skin.”2. Washing your face with just water

Ironically washing with plain old H20 does not hydrate your skin. Shocking I know. It also sits high on the pH scale, which means it can disrupt the functioning of your skin. If the pH of your skin is raised it will further struggle to hold onto precious moisture and defend itself against nasties.

An easy way to solve this issue is to utilise a cleanser that is pH balanced. After-all cleansing your skin isn’t just about removing make-up, it’s a vital step in your skin care regime for replenishing and preparing the skin for further product absorption.

3. Forgetting to moisturise

Those who commit to a regular moisturising routine benefit from hydrated, softer and bouncier skin. Why? A good skin moisturiser which contains vital elements such as antioxidants and skin hydrators can lead to a healthier overall skin. The kind that defends itself against pollutants, drying environments and ageing elements such as the sun.

4. Skimping on sunscreen

This is a big one. In countries such as Australia, the sun is harsh. UV rays in particular are known to degrade the quality of the skin and lead to ageing characteristics such as freckling, pigmentation, sun spots and even skin cancers. By incorporating a daily SPF into your routine, year-round, you can minimise the damage and skin degradation caused by UV exposure.

And before you think your make-up has you covered, Licenced Aesthetician, Karen Fernandez warns, “The SPF levels and formulas in makeup are usually not adequate to be broad spectrum protection, which is the gold standard for anti-aging.” So, always apply sunscreen under your makeup and as the final step in your skin care regime. 

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