Moisturising Lotion 125ml Tube

With anti-oxidant properties, moisturising properties, reduces the effects of erythema as well as wrinkles and age spots. It improves the skin leaving it softer and smoother while being safe and gentle. Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion also repairs skin from the overexposure to ultraviolet radiation and is effective in the prevention of stretch marks due to pregnancy.

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$15.95 AUD


  • Vitamin E Phosphate
  • Sodium PCA
  • Glycerin


  1. Apply a sufficient amount onto skin after shower or bath.
  2. Apply twice daily.

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98 reviews for Moisturising Lotion

  1. Banni Garcia

    If you have troubles with dry skin like myself, this is your go-to product. Is so good for my skin that I use on my hands to keep them soft from using so much hand sanitizer.

  2. Dhriti Bhanushali

    I love the lightweight consistency and the packaging. I completely trust my acne-prone skin with this and don’t see myself switching moisturizers anytime soon. Worth it!

  3. Vaishali Verma

    I was introduced to Neutriderm Moisturizing Lotion somewhere in November. And I must say I have not used any other moisturizer for my face from that time. I love how my skin feels hydrated post application. It smells lovely refreshing my mood always. It does not leave my skin oily which is a very common problem I see with the products I have used previously. For reference, my skin is combination with T zone oily. Totally recommend this one.

  4. Kiran Feerasta

    Over the years I have used many moisturizers but have honestly never seen one quite like Neutriderm moisturizing lotion with Vitamin E which moisturizes you perfectly without extra greasiness. It literally makes your skin baby soft. I am using it day and night and it’s definitely a permanent part of my skin care regime. Strongly recommend. MUST TRY.

  5. Samar Cheema

    I have been using the vit E moisturiser and cannot tell how much I love it. Its so light and perfect for everyone. I have oily skin and I usually get breakouts with moisturisers but this one didn’t give me any kind of breakouts so I am kinda addicted to it. I use it in morning and night time skin care routines and also before makeup for priming purpose.

  6. Shehzeen Rehman

    The moisturizer is super light and feels great on the skin. Is the perfect base for priming your skin right before doing your makeup. Loved using it ????

  7. Stefania Briella

    I went on vacation and was eating lots of different things and that created a very bad skin condition on my face. It became extremely dry and itchy. I started using this moisturizer that has vitamin E and give it a try. I had used Neutriderm shampoo and conditioner before and I had a great experience so my expectations for this lotion were really high.
    Within 2 weeks my skin has been healing tremendously and I also use this lotion on my hands specially when it is really cold or when I apply a lot of antibacterials because my hands become super dry. This lotion helps me hydrate them a lot.
    THE PRODUCT: I love the very thick consistency because I can feel that my skin stays hydrated throughout the day. It doesn’t have a strong smell which I think it’s good if you are carrying your own perfume and don’t want to mix smells, also comes a lot of product on the bottle. I thought it was going to be smaller but no! So I can use it for a longer time… Really happy with this product! 100% recommended

  8. Lisa Vien

    Really enjoy using this moisturiser for my dry skin as it feels lightweight but also provides enough hydration. Perfect for all skin types 🙂

  9. Jackie Zarea

    Absolutely stunning product , I am using the moisturizer lotion with vitamin E , I am obsessed, especially right now it cold weather, helping soothing skin .

  10. Luciana Huffman

    This lotion is great for dry skin.

  11. Karol Sullivan

    I am using the moisturizing lotion and I feel my skin very soft! My skin is more hydrated during the day. The product has Vitamin E which is great! ???? I’m loving using this product in the winter. I recommend this

  12. Priya Mooky

    Been loving this product. I use it on my face every morning. It has the faintest scent which is so comforting and keeps my face moisturized all day long!

  13. Barbara Braga

    I started using Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion, with special Vitamin E and it has helped my skin so much in this dry weather.
    After 2 days using it I felt my skin softer and hydrated.
    Love this so much!

  14. Viviane Epperson

    I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I am loving it, leaves my skin soft and hydrated. I definitely recommend it.

  15. Erica Marques

    The products are great, I’ve been using this Moisturizing Lotion for about a month and I feel my skin is a lot better. I have oily skin and this is the best moisturizer for that.

  16. Paloma Haslam

    I’m obsessed with neutriderm ! It’s amazing Australian product. It helped to improve my skin texture and great companion for skin both in day and night. Super recommended it .

  17. Daniele Lunardelli

    I’m using Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion and my skin is so smooth and hydrated, I’m loving the results. This brand is amazing, I highly recommend it!

  18. Paola Balzan Torres

    I’ve been using the Moisturising Lotion with Vitamin E, I normally use on my face!! And I can see notorious changes on my skin face!! It even controls my oily sensitive skin!! It matches perfectly with my make up! I actually feel it set amazingly my makeup! Definitely I recommend and I’ll keep buying it!!!

  19. Cynthia Pratt

    I love the Neutriderm lotion and how practical it is since it is suitable for face and body. I am a world traveller and just found the perfect item to be packed, as well as to use it at home. Lotion is easily absorbed by the skin and although it is a powerful moisturizer it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I so recommend it!!!

  20. Dhriti Bhanushali

    I’m on my second tube of the Neutriderm Vit E moisturizing lotion, it has now become a staple in my skincare regime. I haven’t come across a moisturizer before this that I would go back to again and again for my oily acne-prone skin. Feels very lightweight on my skin which I love. Definitely going to keep using it, would totally recommend.

  21. Jayde Taylor

    Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion is so good. It fixed my atopic dermatitis on my eye. I did use it on my while face though. It softened my skin and gave it a lovely glow and texture. I am really happy with it. I will definitely refer it on to patients and friends.

  22. Pamela Resende

    I bought the Neutriderm lotion and I’m in love with the result I’m having on my skin. It hydrates deeply and doesn’t leave the skin looking sticky, I will definitely keep using it and will buy other brand products! Loved it

  23. Saja Saffaga

    I recently started using the Neutriderm Vitamin E cream and wow!! It’s hydrating yet not greasy. I would highly recommend this for sensitive skin!

  24. Debora Oehler

    I loved the moisturizer lotion ! It hydrated my skin very well and I have struggled to find a good moisturizer that worked for me.

  25. Brysa Nicks

    I bought the Neutriderm moisturizer lotion and I couldn’t be happier with the results! It leaves my skin soft, hydrated, and beautiful! It’s not overly greasy, so it keeps my skin free of breakouts and undesirable extra oil. Amazing brand! Will definitely invest in more of their products!

  26. Arrem Yanez

    I love this lotion as it is so gentle and so hydrating. It last long on my face. I used it before makeup and also used it after cleaning my makeup off. I would recommend this for people with sensitive skin.

  27. Madhurya k

    I have oily skin but this makes me look so fresh even after 4 or 5 hours

  28. Joshila Justin

    This moisturising is such a good one.. Keeps the face moisture for long hours.. Love this one..

  29. Devi G

    Good product

  30. Ritupama M

    Excellent product. Non greasy and perfect for sensitive skin

  31. Superb, go for it

  32. Adlin Sunitha

    I’m happy with this product

  33. Geethu L

    Good moisturizer

  34. Neelimasiddhardha


  35. Farzana

    Best for sensitive acne prone skin.. Light weight and non-sticky.. Go for it guys

  36. Bhargavidbojedla

    Addicted to this product, superb

  37. Somil Pahuja

    This moisturizer works very well for dry skin

  38. Fathima Mubeen

    really loved it

  39. Rabi

    I like the aroma and texture

  40. Good

  41. Binu Mp Mundampra


  42. I am having dry skin type, It works best for my skin. It keeps my skin hydrated all day long. I love it

  43. Siri

    Great Product

  44. great product for combination skin

  45. I thought this product will not be good for acne skin… it is very moisturising my skin and it leaving fresh…. a big yes !!! to this product

  46. Mine is a combination skin and it suits very well for all skin types…

  47. My dermatologist prescribed me this

  48. Nabeeha

    “This Summer,the lotion has been my saviour!
    The moisturizer I normally use, leaves a white cast on my face in the humid weather but the neutriderm lotion is non-greasy and leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturised”

  49. akshara

    “Just a little product required per usage
    Gets absorbed quickly
    Soothes skin
    Suitable for all skin types”

  50. Jaisleen

    “If you have oily skin, your best bet is a moisturizer that’s lightweight but hydrating enough to balance your complexion. Neutriderm Moisturising lotion contains Vitamin E to smooth out and repair skin. While most moisturizers might be too emollient, this one comes in a whipped, cloudlike texture that feels like a smooth gel on the skin.??
    It works to restore the skin’s barrier, which could have been damaged through age or environmental stress, and aids that as much as it does moisture. Particularly for people who live in big cities, near manufacturing, or just experience stressed skin as a result of weather changes, this moisturizer is a perfect remedy to add to your daily routine.❤️”

  51. Lauren Roney

    I opened and started using the gorgeous Vitamin E cream over the weekend, and I’m pleased to say I love it! Smells amazing and I woke up with my skin feeling so soft and nourished! Very impressed.

  52. Jaffy Garg

    Believe me, I found my companion that I use every day and the one that goes below my makeup as well. It is very light, non-greasy, and hydrating at the same time. It helps improve skin texture and I instantly feel my skin is smooth after its application. It contains Vitamin E that benefits my skin longer than any other product. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  53. vanitha

    Best moisturizer ever I have used…….

  54. I loved it… I will go for again… without second thought go for it. it’s pricey but worth it

  55. Bellusnstyle

    If u are suffering from extreme dry skin then this is for u!! Or if u are searching for a product that keeps ur skin hydrated n moisturised for hours then this is definitely for u!! Bought it and using it like all my other moisturisers but this definitely repairs my dry skin leaving it fresh and supple!! So it’s my fav for winter now

  56. Thejaswini Vangala

    Good for face. Excellent

  57. Jyothsna Samineni


  58. vaishali

    It’s useful actually and suitable for my skin

  59. Super product.. good quality

  60. Kabi

    Excellent delivery and a nice product worth buying at right cost

  61. Thenikitatiwari

    I love this lotion. It had a matte finish so I didn’t look greasy. I have very dry skin so it moisturized it very well. When I wore it, you couldn’t tell I had dry skin. It’s gives shine to skin after applying it vitamin e in the cream makes skin soft shiny and healthy you can also apply this at the night. Worth the money

  62. D Honest Review

    Good for oily skin in a dry climate. Doesn’t breakout .Blends well.

  63. Biswajit


  64. Blotus

    It was recommended by dermatologist for pegmantation after baby birth. It is the best out of all products I have used. That’s the reason i have ordered again.

  65. It is great product. Probably the best Vitamin E lotion among all the creams and lotions out their in market.


    Its a very good moisturiser for everyday. It is also effective on stretch marks . I like it..

  67. It is a very nice product of vitamin E for skin.

  68. It is a very nice product of vitamin E for skin

  69. Jyotsna

    Best moisturizer I have used till date. Best for oily skin. Works great on skin and prevents acne.

  70. raveenaa

    Such a nice product with wonderful packing ……suits for all skin types and doesn’t give pimple and keep the skin always soft….

  71. Sumana reddy

    Keeps skin soft.

  72. Mamatha

    A very good product. Useful for combination skin.

  73. Good

  74. John

    Using this for my 6th time.. the best product, my whole family is using this moisturizing cream, and it’s suitable for all skin type..

  75. John

    Using this for my 6th time.. the best product, my whole family is using this moisturizing cream, and it’s suitable for all skin type..

  76. Sravanthi

    Excellent excellent moisture to everyone. I have used to my son nd me it’s give awesome result. I used since 3 yrs gives magic to skin.

  77. Very useful product… Using for more than 3-4 years..

  78. Shalet menezes

    It’s a very good moisturiser.

  79. It’s such a cool product.

  80. Shalet menezes

    It’s a very good moisturiser.

  81. Vineeth Siddi

    It’s such a cool product.

  82. Preity

    It’s a good moisturizer for oily , acne prone skin.

  83. lavanya

    Wonderful moisturiser.It keeps our skin clean and clear.

  84. Vedika

    Awesome product !! Keeps ur skin soft and hydrated….best moisturiser for face

  85. Sweta Pachisia

    Best moisturizer I have ever used

  86. Truly worth it! Excellent product. Have been using it for more than a year. None as good as this. Suits me perfectly. Highly Recommended. I love the packaging too.

  87. S

    I mix it with Neutriderm body lotion, and i find both products amazing!.

  88. Swaps

    The best moisturizer ever. I’ve been using it since almost 4yrs. I recommend it for people with oily skin also coz I have oily skin & I didn’t get acne using this. In fact it reduced my acne clearing & lightening my skin.

  89. Sanaa Jomah

    Great products which i highly recommend. I am very happy with the outstanding customer service experience i had with ‘Joanne’ all my questions and concerns were answered and solved. She also contacted after my parcel has arrived to check if i am happy with everything! Very helpful and extremely qualified. I am highly satisfied and will continue purchase those amazing products.

  90. nitin

    I have oily skin and this moisturiser is the best I have ever used after trying so many other products. Feels very good. I use it after shaving. No more redness and razor bumps. great for everyday use. Highly recommended.

  91. Reemziii

    Really good for the skin.

  92. Shreela

    I love this moisturiser. I have acne prone combination skin.

  93. Very nice light moisturizer . Does not create breakouts at all.

  94. Shubha Shivapurkar

    The product was nicely wrapped and packaging was easy to open.

  95. SMP


  96. SMP


  97. Pori Teronpi

    Its a good moisturiser…I have no break outs using this product and it has kept my skin soft and supple…will use it it!!

  98. D Mahajan

    Its a good, non sticky and has a nice faint smell.

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